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Natural Sports Ground

EverGreen Associates excel in Natural Sports Field Development. As wee are cultivators of Natural lawngrass, we can provide our customers with quality Selection one or American lawn grass which is preferred for natural Cricket, football grounds. And we know exact what might have gone wrong with your existent lawn ground.

Steps we take in Development of Natural Sports Field Are :

  1. Surveying : We do a proper survey with the help of dumpy level to know uneven surfaces on the field. After which we decide on where the slope should be.
  2. Irrigation : We also provide Irrigation system for the everyday watering. (If needed)
  3. Leveling : We do leveling with proper sloping and negligible errors.
  4. Fertilization : Proper application of fertilizer is one of the most important elements to get fully established lawn grass. We spray fungicides and organic manure for the growth of lawn grass.
  5. Installation of Lawn : According to customer budget we suggest dibbling or turfing method for the installation of lawn.
  6. Rolling : Rolling is done after installation to get finished level as smooth as possible.

Here are some of our work in Development of Natural Sports Field :

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