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Landscape Development pune

We, at EverGreen Associates, are adept in handling the landscape development of parks, front yards, back yards, societies, balconies, and terraces. While handling the projects for these areas we take into consideration drainage, irrigation, and public safety. As a part of our landscape development process, we do softscaping (installation of plants), artificial grass and vertical garden development. We also take into consideration the surrounding neighbourhood and environment to make sure how the landscape developed by us will blend with the surroundings. We also maintain a database of plant, tree, shrub, and groundcover along with their characteristics, use and maintenance requirements.

We follow an integrated approach to ensure the smooth completion of each project. Our pre-construction team is involved in the design process for better estimation and cost control, quicker timelines and lesser administrative burden. Therefore, we can make sure that your project begins on a budget and stays within it by minimizing the possibility of unwanted change orders. With our integrated design-build approach, you can quicken the pace of the project by removing multiple bidding and RPF processes and start installation in advance for completion of the final plans.

Our project supervisor will oversee the design and construction and will be your sole point of contact. As a result, there will be efficiency in the process of communication and paperwork related to the project. We, at EverGreen Associates we have the ability to work in different capacities starting from project manager or general contractor to specialty contractor, design-build contractor or subcontractor. Irrespective of our role, we handle each job with the same level of professionalism to live up to your expectations. Once you partner with us, you won’t have to worry about the basics like the availability of the necessary materials and timely availability of the construction team on site.

The process of Landscape development is as follows :

  1. Site Visit : We take detailed requirement of customer and note down the existing conditions of soil and weather condition.
  2. Landscape Design : After doing site visit We suggest some plant varieties which are well suited for the conditions. Then we make a detailed plan of plantation.
  3. Irrigation : According to size and customer budget we provide suitable irrigation system for daily watering.
  4. Landscape Development : This is where the design plan is executed with minimum error.
  5. AMC : We do provide our customers with monthly or daily garden maintenance accordingly.