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EverGreen Associates provides specialized garden development services to clients. We are well aware of the fact that the garden is a place where people get a respite from the anxieties of their day to day lives.  Therefore we develop gardens according to the latest trends. Our services include landscape design, landscape development, lawn supply and installation, plantation, hardscaping and irrigation work. Supported by our high professional team of professionals and latest tools, we create state of art gardens with unique designs. We also have the ability to design gardens according to contemporary needs of our clients. Our garden development services include preparation of ground, water drainage preparation, hardscaping, irrigation installation, soil and manure, lawngrass plantation, installation of lighting equipment and children’s play equipment. We provide garden development services for commercial and residential landscapes, kitchen gardens, vertical gardens, roadside landscapes and terrace landscapes. We plan out the plants which are to be grown in a garden, a specialized drainage layer and an integrated irrigation system.

We have a highly skilled team which is equipped with the latest tools which are necessary to beautify your garden. Backed by our years of experience, we have expertise in enhancing the look of a garden with flowers, trees and stones. We utilize fresh, green grass of different varieties. The grass which we install in gardens is healthy and are of the best quality. We make sure that the scenic beauty of garden is maintained through the usage of ornamental foliage. To bring your garden to life, we will plant seasonal flowers to enhance its beauty.

As a part of the landscaping process, we will perform complete backyard as well as side and front yard landscaping. Our landscaping team will transform your outdoor area in a way which matches your lifestyle as well as personal taste.

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